Save Your Marriage

Outline of my 2015 AACC Workshop in Nashville. How counselors can deal with serious marital sin with a Biblical, tough love, practical step by step strategy.
A Classic Case of Hit-And-Run - What "I Don't Love You" Really Means Read the first chapter of Dr. Clarke's book, I Don't Love You Anymore.
How to help your intimacy-challenged spouse connect to you emotionally and spiritually.
Your marriage is in trouble. You're not happy. Your spouse isn't happy. Your marriage is not on the right track. Needs are not being met. You never thought your marriage would get to this. But it has.
Dr. Clarke's realistic, effective approach to save a marriage wounded by adultery and other serious marital sins is brutally tough and controversial. It confronts the sinner and empowers the victimized spouse. It is biblical. It works.

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